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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an original painting cost?

My paintings are priced by size. The smallest and most popular size is approximately 18” x 24” and costs $1000.00.  

What does “commission” mean?

A commissioned painting is one that is painted, on request, for a specific buyer.  I do also have an inventory of existing paintings that are for sale.


How long does the process take?

I typically schedule commissions on a "first come, first serve" basis. I generally need about 3 months from the time I start a painting to the time you receive your final piece (with additional drying time if the painting needs to be shipped). My creative process takes some time, and an oil painting requires several weeks to properly dry.  


What is the process for ordering a piece?

The first step is to contact me, either on Facebook, or by email at We can talk about what you are looking for and you can send me any pertinent images. I like to look at multiple options for your photographs so that I can choose the one that would translate into a painting the best. Once we settle on the image and size, I will get to work! I am happy to send you pictures of the progress as I go.


What type of photograph works best for your style of painting?

The photograph does not necessarily need to be crisp or clear.  I tend to prefer candid shots with some movement, rather than anything too posed. I LOVE to work from photographs that have bright light and dark shadows. It’s always best if you can send me multiple images that I can choose from.  There are some images that simply will not work well, and I will be upfront with you about this. Usually we can figure something out together!


I saw a piece of art work that I really like, can you copy it for me?

The answer is definitely “No”.  As an artist I am not comfortable copying anyone’s work.  I can however talk to you about incorporating aspects (ie colors, style, subject matter) from that piece into an original work made just for you.


Can you ship a painting to me?

Yes.  Shipping will cost extra, but I am happy to ship anywhere. 


How do I contact you?

Feel free to email me at or message me on Facebook


How does payment work?

Payment can be made in cash or by check once the piece is complete.  I will contact you with final pictures of your piece and we will arrange a time to exchange the painting and the payment.


Can I rush an order?

In some circumstances I may be able to complete a piece in less than 2 months.  Let me know your time frame when you reach out to me and we’ll see what I can do.  Please remember there may be others ahead of you in line (as well as my regular job and family responsibilities), so I may not always be able to accommodate these requests. 


Can I buy a painting that I did not commission?

Yes.  I have a small inventory of my existing paintings that are available for sale.  I’d be happy to show you these works if you are interested.

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